Initial Teaching Training

Our vision for developing teachers through our Initial Teacher Training programmes, we develop teachers that are:

  • Highly reflective – they have the skills and qualities needed to reflect on their own practice and proactively seek ways to improve their practice. 

  • Child-centred – they put the welfare and development of the whole child at the centre of their teaching and practice

  • Self-starters – they are intellectually curious about the development of children and how they can support this through their teaching

  •  Research informed – they are curious about emerging thinking in the field of education and how they can use this to inform their practice 

  •  Critical consumers and utilisers of educational research – they realise that not all research is directly applicable to their professional setting or the needs of the young people that they are working with.  Through evaluating and synthesising research findings they are able to develop further their own understanding of effective practice.

  •  See teaching as a career full of opportunities – they are able to see the bigger picture in education and how their practice influences the outcomes for young people and the practice of others.   

  • Leaders of learning – they see themselves as leaders of their own learning, that of the young people that they teach and other professionals that they work with.

  •  Collegiate – they see themselves as part of a professional community of practice where they support the learning and welfare of others.