About Us

Bromley Schools' Collegiate is a well established provider of initial teacher training with over 30 years experience.

From our establishment in 1993, we have trained over 2000 teachers. 

100% of our trainees say they feel supported on their journey through their training year and prepared as they become Early Career Teachers (ECT) . 

What our last cohort of trainees say about us: 

  • "I know my confidence stems from the opportunities that have been provided by Bromley Schools' Collegiate"

  • "Support and guidance enables trainees to apply their knowledge skilfully in placement schools"

  • "Support was consistent throughout and I have really benefited from learning as you go approach"

  • "I feel very lucky to have had 2 amazing placements with very, very supportive departments who would do anything they could to help"

  • "The course is fantastic. There is a great emphasis on independence and freedom"

  • "Trainees know what leaders and mentors expect of them - the course was robust and intense! I feel very well prepared for my career as a teacher"