“Sarah has been an outstanding NQT. She has some tougher classes and she has taken these in her stride always using research and the advice of others to try a range of methods and approaches. Her training as a part of the Collegiate has meant that she had a smooth start, easier and more rapid that some staff who are further in their careers appointed from non-Collegiate schools. An excellent appointment and we are delighted to have Sarah. She is ready for some responsibility and I can see her being promoted rapidly.“

Local Head Teacher


“I feel very lucky to have had 2 amazing placements with very, very supportive departments who would do anything they could to help.”

Secondary Trainee


“All the trainees were very able and confident. It is interesting to note that the trainees degrees were not traditionally accepted ITT degrees and nearly all the trainees (one had previously worked in an independent school) lacked previous classroom experience. However, the collegiate has clearly recruited high calibre trainees to the programme and suitably supported them in their training and development.”

External Examiners Report


“I know my confidence stems from the opportunities that have been provided by Bromley Schools’ Collegiate.”

Secondary Trainee