Take the Assessment Only Route to QTS in Chislehurst, Kent

Choose the assessment only route to QTS offered by Bromley Schools’ Collegiate. Based in Chislehurst, Kent, we are an assessment only provider of QTS direct that is approved by professionals in education. This is an intensive route to achieving QTS for staff who are teaching within an educational setting as unqualified teachers.

Assessment Only Route to QTS

Bromley Schools' Collegiate has now been accredited as a provider of the assessment only route to achieve QTS. Enquiries are welcome from sponsoring schools that have staff who they would like to support through this intensive process. For further details and to discuss your individual requirements, please contact the office on 020 8300 6566 or alternatively email administrator@gradteach.co.uk.

AO Route Requirements

In order to be eligible for the AO route, you must fulfil particular requirements. These include:

  • Experience of Teaching in two Educational settings for a total of at least 2 years
  • UK Honours Degree or Equivalent
  • GCSE English and Mathematics at Grade C and Above (For Primary, This Must Also Include GCSE Science)
  • Pass In Both Professional Skills Tests
  • Support from Your Employing School

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Outstanding Reviews

"Having now mentored three candidates through the assessment only route provided by Bromley Schools' Collegiate, I can say that
- without hesitation - we made the right choice as a school to have BSC as our provider. In particular, the relationship that we also developed as a school with our assessor was a very positive experience that remained consistent and clear during the 12 week period of the AO programme. The process of observations outlined by BSC and the documentation expected of the school was also a valid and effective way to monitor candidates and provide feedback against the teaching standards, also providing clear targets and areas for improvement."


St. Thomas More School

Contact us for more details about QTS direct from an assessment only provider.